I fasten my helmet

I am the only one inside

Nobody else is in here

Ignition on, the fuel pump whines

Stab the red starter button

Electrical current wakes the moving parts. Liquids circulate

The cacophony and vibration commences together

There is a violence and a softness to the audio

The sound of something familiar

Forward motion

The journey starts

Cold! The engine, the brakes, the seat, and the full petrol tank on my inner denim clad thighs

Harmony. The rider-moto partnership ensues

Needles move on dials. Slowly. Faster. Quickly

Trees pass by. Some fast

Fluctuation. Wind noise, engine noise, road direction and speed

Tarmac. Smooth, potholes, ripples and small stones

Suspension. Firm, but sensitive

Clutch rattle. That signature sound

The bike feels good today

Eyes widest

Senses! Tuned to maximum

In my helmet. There is only me.

Except today is different. The people of Ukraine are inside with me today.

I shout, shout, and let it all out!

To the people of Ukraine ??

Title inspiration: Tears for Fears.

Photos by the Author.