I’m a bit of a planner and a bit of a do-it-now hybrid type of person, and the former planner in me has nailed a few milestone events to the calendar already. Incidentally, my calendar requires a mention here because it has been produced locally and in aid of charity. It’s also full of local, but sensitively photographed, near-naked female jockeys, and this calendar was their idea too.

My charity calendar and with the Race the Waves event well noted.

Anyway, during the 16th to 19th June, there’s a cracking event not far from me called ‘Race the Waves’, and it’s basically a load of people blasting all manner of vehicles and motos up and down the big expanse (when the tide is out obviously) of Bridlington beach. There is a dress code as well. Fashion, noise, speed, sand, music, drink, food etc etc are all on the menu. I’ve entered and been accepted.

Whilst there will be booming vintage Harleys mixing it with V8s, I’m going 2 stroke, and will be piloting the shed project that involves a bicycle and a Chinese 80cc 2T engine, tuned of course, and with only one brake, which is a rim brake brake on the front wheel. If Harley choppers can ride around with only a back brake, I don’t see any reason why I can’t reverse the principal.

My chosen beach racer

My project bike looks the part and goes pretty well for a little 2T, smells great with its Motorex race pre-mix and is bloody well loud, so it should be fine. There’ll be more stuff on the race and the people after the event.

In addition to Race the Waves, I’ve pencilled into the charity calendar, a number of other milestones like taking the Cannondale MXer with its new engine to Guy Martin’s MX track in Lincolnshire, doing some local trials events, making the annual pilgrimage to Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough to watch the road racing etc etc etc. We’re also going back to Arizona again to see our son and his wife and they’re new baby boy, and that may involve some more Harley riding. Who knows?

So, that’s it really for now, except that there’ll be some new content and particularly, some very ‘Interesting Interviews’ coming up as well as some other stuff that I haven’t even dreamed up yet??

BTW – If you want a charity horsey calendar like mine, they’re £10 plus postage, so you can email me to get one?