Born on a small island in the North Sea called the United Kingdom, or Great Britain, or the British Isles, or that place called Brexit-land, I started riding motorcycles (actually, it was a French 49cc Mobylette, but hey!), at the usual age of kids in my school, of 11. Freedom (in the fields anyway) beckoned, and independence via an engine seemed to hit the ‘eutopia button’, which has since led to many years of a motorcycle thread, which has weaved its way in and out and around my life.

I’m no different to many other motorcycling types in this respect. I’m not a trained motorcycle mechanic, but I do fix and adapt stuff on my bikes. Motorcycles automatically link a person to music, fashion, style, drinks (beer etc), food and other like minded people and relationships, so when I think about a specific motorcycle or related event, I instantly connect some of these other elements to it.

This site includes a lot of what I’ve experienced via the good old motorcycle. The stories are mostly true and mostly untrue?. I’ve never stuck with one particular brand of motorcycle either, but I’ve had a good cross section of bikes from countries around the world to date. Below are the bikes I currently have and will very likely drive content.

I occasionally have stuff for sale through my eBay site, which you can access from here, so sit back with a cup of Yorkshire tea, Nespresso coffee, beer or wine, and read the words, look at the pictures and have fun! There’s also a link on this homepage to my other site: Diary of a cycling nobody.

Thanks for looking etc etc

Guy Redshaw

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